4 Problems with Private Schools

Private school can be a great alternative when parents with extra money are looking for an alternative to public schools. Private schools offer many amenities that can be attractive to parents and students. Still, private schools are not perfect. Here are four things that private schools get wrong. Here are some problems with private schools.


Running from Problems

Private schools at times are treated as a refuge for parents to send their children. Perhaps the neighborhood bully is pressuring the student too much at school. Many times parents are upset with their child’s grades at the local school so they seek a private school to act as a problem solver. The idea that parents are teaching their children to run from their problems at such an early age may backfire later on in life. In many occurrences the problem can be solved at the public school without having to run away.



On top of running from problems, once the student or parent runs from their fears they are isolated from the world. Religious schools teach one ideal and leave the rest of the world for damnation. This type of teaching places students in a world that does not reflect the real world. The homogeneous private schools create a an epidemic of students who may be prone to hate or dislike other students who do not believe what they believe. After spending hours a day here and hours at a place of worship on the weekend, there is little time to spend with people who have different views. The limitation of views crates ignorance and breeds more nonacceptance of others.


False Sense of Promise

Private schools should always out perform public schools since they come at an extra costs. The parent is forced to pay property taxes which help fund the public school that her child will not be using plus the tuition of the private school. Ironically many private schools do not outperform public schools. Many parents simply believe that because private schools come at a cost they must be better than the schools that are open to every student for free. Usually this is true, but not always. Sometimes when we pay for a good or service, the sunk costs makes us want to like it more. To get a true picture parents should research the school that they are thinking out sending their children to and not take the face value of a price tag as an indicator of superiority.



Private schools ask parents to pay more and have promises that their style of teaching fosters creativity and then they snatch the creative style of fashion from the children. To add insult to injury many of these private schools make parents buy their own private school uniform which costs more money. The research on uniforms is not great, their does not seem to be any type of strong evidence that this helps boost test scores. Some research indicates that private schools are more about what looks good for parents and less about what is important for education.

Photo credit to Justine Warrington

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