Why I Gave up Black Consciousness

I gave up claiming support for Black Consciousness. I can remember images of what a conscious Black man did, said and how he acted. Before the internet boom Black Consciousness was something else.

I remember seeing videos with my father of Public Enemy telling America to fight the power and that Elvis was not their hero along with John Wayne. I saw Spike Lee’s Malcolm X biopic when I was in high school and I fell deeper in love with what Malcolm stood for. I remember my grandmother speaking about Dr. King and why it is important to fight for what you believe in.

In college I wrote for the Rutgers school newspaper and I was happy to post my views about young Black Americans. Most of those views have changed since then. I was against celebrating Black History Month but I am in full support now and I also thought reparations made no since but I now see the need for a discussion about them as well.

What changed my idea about calling myself conscious was when I saw so much backwards thinking on Instagram and Twitter from Black men and women who seemed to only be gaining knowledge about their people through YouTube videos and DVDs. It seemed that most of these professors of love for Black people had never read a book about Black people.

There are so many reasons why I do not want to be in the group of people saying hotep, know thyself or consciousness. Most of them are not thinking with a clear head. On top of all this, know thyself is a quote from Socrates, I am not sure why a Greek philosopher would care about Blacks knowing about their culture today.

Hating Black Christians

I see the trolls waiting for Christmas and Easter to come. They spew hate and demonstrate how much they hate Jesus and Christians. Why go to war with a group of Black people because you do not like who they pray to? Do we now say all Black leaders who fought for the rights of Black people are believed in Jesus were ignorant as well?


I am not conscious anymore because I do not hate women. These conscious group of men get on social networks and tear down women that are R&B artists or dancers. What makes Beyonce’s music less Black than Erykah Badu’s?

No Source of Income

These Black men and women on the internet seem to care little or less about making money. They have gigantic plans about saving the Black race but have no plans of creating the income to sustain even step one of their agenda. Change starts with ideas that need to be funded with money.


I cannot hate gay people. I love Raisin in the Sun. I enjoy reading Yes Ma’am by Langston Hughes. James Baldwin wrote beautiful sentences for the generations after him. Alice Walker produced a great American novel. So many gay Americans have helped gave to America that I cannot bash them. I can’t read Their Eyes were Watching God and hate fellow Black men and women because they are gay. I also enjoy watching Empire.

I am not conscious, instead I simply state that I love Black people. I love all Blacks that have contributed to what this world is today. That really is what it boils down to. I cannot talk about Black men and women because they do not fit my mold about what Black people should be. I hear the arguments all the time. Obama is not Black enough, Al Sharpton is a sell out, and now even Kendrick Lamar is an Uncle Tom.

Photo credit to Wilhelm Joys Andersen.

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