4 Reasons to Marry Your Child’s Father or Mother

Most people do not plan to have children with people they are not married to but it happens more often than not to Black children. More than half of Black children born in America are born to single parents. There are many reasons why people are marrying as much as they used to. Rising costs of weddings, more acceptance of having children out of wedlock and increases in income for women are just a few reasons less people are getting married before having children.

Parenting Black is no easy task, there are so many obstacles that parents have to face when they are raising Black children that there are many reasons why two single parents who share a child might want to get married. Should everyone go out any marry their baby’s mother or baby’s father? No. Of course that is not the case for everyone but I wanted to share a few of the benefits that marrying your kid’s parent.

Co-Parenting is Hard

Anyone who has co-parented or has a friend who has done so can tell you that is a toilsome task. Parenting one child from two different households is possible but it does not make things easier for anyone. Co-parenting involves constantly communication with your ex partner in order to arrange meet ups, drop offs, school activities and family functions. One option, if it is feasible, is to simply bite the bullet and marry the person you made a child with.

Double Your Income

This is one of the most beneficial reasons to marry your baby’s mother or baby’s father. When you have two people living in two different places you are dealing with two different budgets and two different household incomes. Doubling your income can take two mediocre incomes and create one strong household income which could help pay down debt and increase retirement savings.

Save Money

When a child has two parents who are living in two different places it can get more expensive than if the parents were married living with each other. For one thing, rent or mortgage payments would be greatly decreased. Once the two parents get married and move into one home there would only be rent or mortgage payment. One house payment means one bill for utilities, one bill for internet and cable and one bill for various other expenses that can be combined. Filing married usually saves money with your taxes as opposed to filing single which means only one parent can claim the child. In the long run, buying a couple wedding rings might help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the end.

More Quality Time

Marrying your child’s mother can equal more time for each parent to spend with that child. In the usual scenario of single parents the mother has the child most of the time and the father picks up the kid every other weekend, hopefully. This causes the child to only see the father about four days a month. In the bigger scheme of things, that is only about 48 days a year. The mother who is with the child most of the time may suffer from enjoying quality time with the child even though she has the child for longer stretches than the father. Sometimes mothers are faced with stresses and fatigue that they would not have to endure if there were two parents in the house thirty days a month.

Picture credit to Adley Haywood

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